Three Situations You May Avoid With Commercial Security Cameras

10 July 2015
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As a business owner, protecting your business is probably high on your list of priorities. Unfortunately, you don't only have to protect your business from forces from outside of your business, but from those that are inside your business as well. Installing commercial security cameras can help you do just that. Cameras will keep an eye on things when you are present, as well as when you are not around. Not only will they help you save money, they may even protect you from serious liability and other threats to your business. 

Burglary/Unauthorized Entry

No matter what type of business you are in, you will always need a way to protect your business from burglaries. Defined as unlawful entry, or attempted entry, of a location with the intent of committing a crime, this crime does not always involve theft. It can sometimes lead to something far more serious such as vandalism or other types of property damage. The FBI reports that in 2010, more than 9 million cases of property crimes were committed. Property crimes include many different things along with burglary. All of these things could affect your business. These include larceny, theft, arson, motor vehicle theft, shoplifting, and vandalism. 

When you install security cameras in, and around, your business, you have a greater chance of discouraging these types of unauthorized entries. If they do occur, your cameras will provide you the information you need to identify, as well as prosecute your offenders.

Employee Theft

All threats to your business do not come from the outside. Sometimes your business can be greatly affected by employee theft. It has been estimated that 25-40% of all employees steal from their employers, costing American business more than $50 billion dollars annually. It has even been estimated that employee theft is one of the primary reasons for the demise of many small businesses. This theft can take many forms, which can range from the theft of office supplies to the theft of classified information and trade secrets.

Placing security cameras in your business can help to reduce employee theft by reducing the opportunities they have to steal. By letting employees know the cameras are there, they will be more deterred from attempting to steal. When you combine visual monitoring with some of the computer surveillance systems that are now available, you will be able to cross check transactions as they occur.

Bogus Workers Compensation Cases

As a business owner, there are several types of insurance you are required to have, one of which is workers compensation insurance. This insurance will help to provide benefits to your employees who are injured on the job or become ill due to job related activities. Unfortunately, the cost of this insurance is often inflated by bogus insurance claims. These claims are often a result of the following:

  • Non-existent accidents or injuries
  • Inflated injuries
  • Injuries which took place outside of the workplace

Employees often see filing bogus claims as a way to get paid. They not only get paid time off without having to use their accrued leave, the company also often has to settle with them, or compensate them for their injury. Failure to have workers compensation insurance is not only illegal, but it will create a serious liability which could place your business at risk in the event the employee sues you.

When you place cameras in the workplace, you will not only be able to verify these injuries when they occur, but you will be able to look for other unsafe conditions which may cause future injuries. When employees are aware their actions are being caught on camera, they are far less likely to file a bogus claim. 

Installing cameras will not eliminate all risks your business faces, but they can help to minimize many of them. For more information about security measures to take in your business, you can check out the sites of local locksmiths or security companies.