3 Little-Known, Yet Important Uses For Asphalt That Can Improve Your Life

23 September 2015
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When you hear the word asphalt, you may think of driveways, roadways, and rooftops. In truth, asphalt has far more uses than most people realize. In fact, there may be several little-known, yet useful reasons that you may need asphalt in your life.

Protecting Your Cattle

Do you own or operate a farm? If so, asphalt may be just the thing you need to keep your cattle safe. In order to keep your cattle in place, you likely have a fence system to prevent cattle from escaping. Escaped cattle are prone to injuries. They are also prone to injuring others. For example, a loose cow can cause an automobile accident, which means you could end up facing a lawsuit.

Fortunately, you can protect yourself, others, and your cattle by applying asphalt roofing compound to the wooden fence surrounding your cattle farm. Wood fences work great as a farm fence, particularly if you are on a budget. However, they are also subject to rotting, since they are exposed to various elements. The wood under the ground is especially susceptible. After a hard rain, water collected in the ground may cause the wood to rot.

Rotted wood weakens your fence, thereby decreasing cattle protection. By applying a coat of roofing compound to your fence, you increase the lifespan and strength of the fence. If you choose to use asphalt compound on your wooden fence, it is highly recommended that you use at least two coats. You should also reapply the compound once every 8 years for best results.

Protecting Your Trees

It may seem hard to believe that a material used for roadways can also be used to protect nature, but it's the truth. Girdled trees are often at risk of drying out and dying. A girdle is a wound associated with a tree in which a piece of bark from around the tree is missing. Trees need their bark in order to carry nutrients from the roots up to the leaves. If part of the bark goes missing, the tree may not be able to survive, therefore causing it to die.

If you have a girdled tree in your yard, fear not. You can save it with a water-based asphalt emulsion. To tend to your wounded tree, you will need to remove twigs and smaller branches form a graft. Make sure the pieces of wood are somewhere around the circumference of a pencil.

Make sure you have enough twigs and branches to fill the hole between the two sections of park where the wound is. Using your water-based asphalt emulsion, you will then need to cover the filled in sections of wood in order to seal the grafts in place. By sealing the grafts, you are allowing the graft to eventually grow into the tree, thereby healing the wound.

Protecting Your Home

Homes are often prone to flooding and leaks caused by foundation damages. As a homeowner, there is nothing quite as devastating as the experience of a flood or out-of-control leak. A flood or a leak can can ruin your belongings and cause costly damages to your home. For example, a leak can cause mold and mildew to build up in your basement, which can eventually spread to the rest of your home.

Fortunately, asphalt can help protect your home against the threat of foundation leaks. Asphalt creates a protective barrier on rooftops that offers safety and security against the elements, so it only makes sense that it can do the same for foundation. In order to protect your home, apply a layer of asphalt paint to the foundation of your home. It may not look the prettiest, but the asphalt will prevent leaks and other damages associated with foundation problems.

If you are interested in learning more about the little-known, yet interesting ways asphalt can improve your life, contact an asphalt supplier, such as those found at sites like http://armourpavement.com, for more information. A supplier can help you select the correct asphalt material for your project, whether it be something as traditional as driveway paving or something as seemingly strange as cattle farm painting.