Yes, You Can Choose Vinyl Siding For Your Historic Home

22 March 2016
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Have you been told that vinyl siding is not an option for your older home? If you've been pressured by preservation enthusiasts to keep your old siding at any cost, you may have not even considered the benefits of going with vinyl. It's time to take another look at the question of siding. You can use vinyl siding on your older home, and here are some of the benefits.

Vinyl is Final

The main reasons that so many homeowners have chosen vinyl siding is that it keeps your home looking great without the hassle and expense of having it painted every three years. This Old House reports that 32% of new homes are using vinyl siding and that the reasons are the lower cost and decreased need for maintenance.

Once you have had your siding installed, you are not going to have to worry about it for decades. That means your time and money can go into other preservation projects and upgrades around your home. 

When your neighbor's paint is peeling and thin, your home will continue to look fresh and clean. 

Historically Friendly

Contrary to what you may have been told, you do not have to forfeit your home's historic charm in order to protect it with vinyl siding. 

Today's vinyl is available in a huge spectrum of colors, including those that match accepted period colors for every era of American history. There are also many product lines that are made specifically to match the architecture of times gone by. Vinyl pieces can run horizontally or vertically to match the direction of the original wood. It also comes as shingles and scallops and even beaded pieces that will perfectly mimic the look and style of the original construction of your older home. 

Installing vinyl siding protects your older home, and it also helps you maintain the integrity and original look of your property. When your older home is preserved with vinyl, it will stay looking well cared for much longer. 

Fire Fighting

Fires are a factor in older homes made entirely of wood, particularly if older electrical systems have been left in place. 

Your vinyl siding will help protect your historical home by providing a fire resistant shell that will stop the spread of the fire and contain the damage. This protects the original work inside your home and means that your historical property will be available for people to appreciate and admire for years to come. 

Shifting Views and Your HOA

Traditionally, Home Owners Associations in areas where historic preservation is an issue have had rules and regulations against covering a home with vinyl siding. This is generally because vinyl siding in the past has had a distinctive look that did not accurately reflect the historical period of many older homes and brought down property values as a result. 

Because of homeowners asking for or even fighting for the right to use vinyl siding, many HOAs and preservation societies are changing their minds on the use of vinyl. Homeowners have been able to show that vinyl siding can be a choice that enhances the historical integrity of a home rather than detracts from it. As a result, HOAs are beginning to allow and encourage vinyl siding that mimics a historically accurate look. 

If your HOA or preservation society has rules against vinyl siding, you can collect evidence and speak out to make changes in these rules. Some HOA members do not yet understand the benefits of using vinyl siding on an older home. You can educate them on the changes and benefits 

Vinyl siding has come a long way since it was introduced more than 50 years ago. Today's vinyl can be used in a way that maintains the look and style of an older home while protecting it for years to come. Contact a company like Miller Roofing & Guttering Inc. for more information.