5 Ways Pull-Out Cabinets Can Declutter Your Kitchen

4 April 2016
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There are many kitchen design trends that are prevalent in 2016, from putting in more technology and changing the kitchen into a multi-use room to installing shaker style cabinets and concentrating on a clean, uncluttered look. One of the ways that current design is reducing clutter in the kitchen is by relying on more pull-out and roll-out cabinets as well as more turntables inside cabinets. These cabinet features maximize your kitchen storage and allow you to keep items off of your counters but within easy reach. If you are considering a cabinet makeover, here are five ways to implement pull-out and turntable variants to keep your kitchen free of clutter. 

Roll-Out Pantries 

The roll-out pantry, making use of the slim space between your refrigerator and the wall or cabinets, has been popular among the DIY community for a few years. This features a thin but tall cabinet that slides perfectly next to your refrigerator, either blending with the finish of your refrigerator or matching your cabinets. The roll-out pantry is usually ideal for storing canned goods or spices and gives small kitchens a bit more space. However, it is important to remember that the side of your refrigerator may get quite warm, so you should refrain from storing perishables there. Alternatively, if you have another thin area in your kitchen that is currently unused, you can consider ordering a custom, roll-out pantry for that area. 

Pull-Out Spice Rack

A pull-out spice rack only takes up a small area near either your food prep area or your cooking area. These can be installed in either lower cabinets or upper cabinets and, when opened, allow you to easily access and organize all of your spices. When you are not using it, the small cabinet will tuck fully into your cabinetry, keeping your spices out of sight. This is an excellent choice if you have many different spices and are running out of ways to keep them organized. 

Pull-Out Cooking Utensils  

It used to be common for knife blocks or racks of utensils such as spatulas, whisks, and ladles to be left on the counter so they are within easy reach. However, the new trend is to keep these items accessible but hidden by putting them in custom pull-outs. A custom utensil pull-out will allow you to keep your knives safely in a block but tucked out of sight. Other utensils can be kept on their current rack inside the pull-out, or they can be hung directly on the wall of a thinner pull-out.

Corner Turntables 

Corner turntables, also called lazy Susans, are making a comeback. These allow you to utilize your corner cabinets efficiently, giving you access to all of your items without having to crawl back into your cabinets to reach the very back. They are a good option for pantry items such as canned goods or baking supplies. 

Corner Pull-Outs 

A more modern solution to corner spaces are corner pull-outs. These pull-outs are placed in the corner space and a cabinet on one side of the corner. The pull-out is then designed so that it curves slightly when you pull on it, allowing it to fully exit the cabinet space so you can easily organize and access all of the items in it. This is a good choice for seldom-used pots and pans or small appliances that are currently cluttering your kitchen. 

Pull-out cabinets can help keep you organized and make using your kitchen easier by keeping the things you need within easy reach. It is a good way to utilize small spaces and to make sure you are making the most of the rear of your cabinet space. For more information about these and other options for your cabinets, contact a kitchen remodeling company.