5 Tips For Scheduling Interior Painting Between Tenants

25 May 2016
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Articles


If you are renting out a house or apartment you may want to paint the unit between tenants. This helps protect your interior walls and keeps your residence looking fresh for the new tenants. However, unlike scheduling painting for your own home or apartment, scheduling painting for an apartment or house you are renting out can take a little more finesse. Below are five tips to help make the process easier. 

Ask for Quotes As Soon As You Know Your Current Tenant's Move-Out Date

While you want to wait for your current tenant to move out before you begin painting the unit, you also want to have it painted and available to rent as quickly as possible after they move out so you do not lose money while your house or apartment sits empty. For this reason, it is important to start gathering quotes as soon as your tenant notifies you that they will be moving out. 

You should check your rental agreement and give your tenant the appropriate notice any time you are bringing a contractor to the unit to give you an in-home quote for their painting services. It is usually better to ask for quotes before your tenant starts packing, as it may be easier for the painting contractors to see any damage to the walls and to assess the job. 

Make Sure to Have Drywall and Crack Repair Included In Your Estimates

Most painting contractors will include drywall repair and other cosmetic repairs in their services. However, they may only quote you for these extra services if you ask for them specifically. This is because many contractors assume that you may want to complete your own cosmetic repairs before they paint your rooms. If you do not plan to complete cosmetic repairs yourself, let your contractor know so they can give you a realistic quote. 

Book Your Painting Contractor As Early As Possible 

As soon as you have decided which contractor to use, you should make a booking with them. Small companies may not be able to accommodate a last-minute booking and even large companies might need a week or more of advance notice before they can paint your unit. Making your booking and paying any required deposits as early as possible helps ensure that the painting can be completed as soon as your current tenant moves out. 

Let Your Painters Know Your Desired Colors When You Book 

Many interior painting services will not officially reserve a booking time until you have chosen the colors you want for your unit. This is because they may have to special order certain colors or make other special arrangements. If you want to confirm your booking time then you should give your painting contractors your color choices during your booking.

This may not be possible if you are allowing your new tenants to choose the colors of your unit. In this case, you should call to confirm with your desired colors as soon as you know them, and make any necessary date changes at that time. 

Take Photographs of the Unit If You Will Be Keeping the Tenant's Deposit to Pay for the Cost of Painting 

In most states, you cannot keep a tenant's security deposit to pay for painting due to ordinary fading or wear and tear. However, you can keep the deposit to pay for painting if the tenant caused extreme damage or painted the walls a color that you did not approve of. If you are keeping the tenant's security deposit to pay for painting, you should take photos of any excessive damage as proof in case your ex-tenant decides to pursue their deposit. 

Hiring a company to paint as soon as a tenant moves out to get your unit ready for a new tenant takes some extra planning, but it is an easy task if you follow the above tips.