Tackling Troublesome Assumptions Homebuyers Tend To Have About A Damaged Foundation

3 January 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Buying a home can be terribly exciting, but also incredibly scary. Homes that have a few years on them can have all kinds of hidden issues, especially where the foundation is concerned. Unfortunately, buying a home that has foundation issues is something a lot of buyers do on accident, often times because they are not well educated about such issues. Check out these common assumptions about foundation problems with homes that you should know so you can be a better-informed buyer and avoid mistakes. 

Assumption: Pretty much every foundation problem can be fixed.

Fact: In general, foundation problems that are minimal can definitely be fixed by a good contractor with ample foundation repair experience. However, in some situations, fixing problems with the foundation would be impractical and ineffective. For example, if the foundation has shifted so badly that even making repairs would damage the rest of the home's structure, it would not be financially feasible to make the repairs. Even if you are considering buying a home in spite of the fact that it has foundation problems, make sure you talk to a contractor first about how or if the problems can be fixed. 

Assumption: If there are no signs inside the home of foundation trouble, there is probably nothing wrong with the foundation. 

Fact: It is true that foundation problems usually show up inside the house—sometimes before they even are apparent from looking at the foundation itself. However, when you are buying a home, you should never assume that just because you are not seeing signs of foundation trouble inside, that the foundation does not need further examination. There are a lot of ways that foundation problems can be concealed inside a house. For example, if cracks showed up around the corners of the drywall, the homeowner could easily patch things up with spackle and repaint so you cannot see. Always take the time to examine the foundation before buying a home. 

Assumption: Homes with concrete foundations can't really have foundation problems. 

Fact: Homes with concrete foundations often appear more desirable when you are looking for a home because homes with these foundations are definitely known to be a little more structurally stable. However, never follow the assumption that a solid concrete slab foundation cannot have issues just the same as any other form of foundation. These foundations can crack, shift, and deteriorate just the same as anything else. 

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