3 Reasons To Choose A Hi-Tech Integrated Solar Roofing System For Your Home

8 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you're planning to replace your home's roof, then you've probably taken the idea of using materials that boost your home's eco-credentials into consideration. Reflective surfaces, thermal insulation properties, and sustainable materials are all important elements in creating a roof that meets the criteria for environmentally friendly roofing.

If you're serious about sustainability, then you can now go one step further. There are many new roofing systems available on the American market that contain integrated solar electricity generators within the roof itself. These hi-tech products provide you with a roof and solar energy all in one. They allow you to do away with separate solar panels and because they span your entire roof, they can generate significantly more energy than their counterparts.

Here are three great reasons why a hi-tech, integrated solar roofing system may be the right choice for your home.

1. Clean, green energy

Creating your own electricity using energy from the sun is an environmentally conscious way to power your home. Solar power produces no dangerous emissions, unlike the power that is generated from burning coal and other fossil fuels.

2. Reduced power bills

Producing your own power via your new roofing system means that your electricity bills will be a fraction of what they were when you had to rely entirely on electricity from a utility company. If you include a solar power storage battery to use during the night or on overcast days, you may even shrink your bills to zero.

Depending on your location, you may even be able to feed any excess power that you generate back into the electricity grid. This means that not only will you be electricity bill free, you may even make some extra money from your new solar roofing system.

3. Increased roof lifespan

Integrated solar roofing systems are made using a composite of high performing, durable, yet lightweight materials. They're designed to lock together, making them resistant to the storm damage which plagues many other roofing styles. They're also impervious to rust, mould, and insect infestation, which helps to increase their functional lifespan.

A new roof is a big investment whatever style of material you decide to use. For more details on an integrated solar roofing system and how it could work for your home, contact a roofing company like Economy Roofing. They can answer any questions or concerns you may have and help you to decide on the perfect roofing system for your home.