Need New Air Conditioning Options? What To Know

14 March 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If your old large air conditioner is taking up space on your property that you would like to utilize, and isn't very efficient, it's time for you to look into other cooling options. There are many ways that you can cool the interior of your home in the summer without having to run a large central unit, and investing in a new cooling unit can pay off later on. Here are some of the things you want to have an air conditioning installation and repair professional talk to you about, in relation to how they would work in your home specifically.

Ductless Air Options

Ductless air conditioning is a trend becoming more popular for homeowners, because it's more affordable than a central unit to both install and run. If you only want to cool certain areas of the home, this is the best unit for you. Find out what the cost will be, and where the HVAC professional would want to put the unit to cool the rooms you want to target.

Geothermal Cooling

Geothermal cooling units don't bring cold air into the home or create cool air, and instead the machine removes hot air from your living space. The unit also takes out humidity, which can make the house feel warmer than it is, and the moisture makes the house feel muggy. If you want, you can get a geothermal unit that also heats your home in the winters, cutting utility bills year round.

Unit Replacement

Replace your current air conditioning unit with a smaller unit that has a higher efficiency rating, and make sure that you have adjustable fan settings on the unit to help push air through the house as needed. Talk with the HVAC expert about other ways to reduce cost, like an improved thermostat to help the air conditioner run more accurately.

If your house isn't as cold as you want it to be, you think that your large unit is wasting energy because it runs for so long, and you want something new, it's time to talk with the air conditioning professionals. The air conditioning experts can assess your home to see what type of unit will provide the best cool air flow and layout and options for the property and what will be the best investment. Stop wasting money and running your old unit, and make an upgrade that will improve your home. Contact a company like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. to learn more.