Signs Your Grocery Store's Parking Lot Needs To Be Repaved

20 March 2017
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If you own an independent grocery store and have been wondering if its parking lot needs to be repaved, then you will be pleased to know that there are a few sure signs that asphalt surfaces are nearing the end of their useful life, including each of the following:

Asphalt Crumbling

If your staff who are in charge of keeping your grocery store's parking lot clean have complained that the asphalt is crumbling, then this is one of the first signs that your parking lot's asphalt is starting to fail. While it is completely normal for asphalt to shed some of its aggregate gravel as it ages, if the surface constantly has loose rocks on it, then the parking lot needs to be resurfaced. Without resurfacing, your parking lot will continue to degrade and will then require a complete replacement, which is much more expensive.

Potholes in the Asphalt

Since your grocery store's parking lot gets a lot of use and abuse from cars and trucks of varying weights, some potholes will form in it from time to time. However, if you start to see too many potholes forming, then it is entirely possible that the asphalt parking lot needs to either be resurfaced or replaced.

Asphalt Rutting

If your parking lot has some ruts that have formed in it, then it is important that you have them leveled or the parking lot replaced. Ruts are a danger to drivers because they hold water in storms, and rutting asphalt typically has subsurface problems with drainage or has been used by trucks that are too heavy for the asphalt to safely hold. If heavy trucks have not been in your parking lot, then you should have it inspected by a qualified asphalt contractor and repaired or replaced.

Corrugated Asphalt

If you notice that sections of your parking lot have corrugated and show hills and valleys, then there is likely an underlying problem with soil movement that is slowly ruining your grocery store's parking lot. If you see corrugated asphalt, then it has a structural problem and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Asphalt Cracking

Cracks forming in your parking lot are also signs of degrading asphalt. While it is natural that your parking lot will form some small cracks from time to time, large cracks signal problems with the substrate or excessively aged asphalt. 

Excessive Previous Patching

Finally, if you have had your grocery store's parking lot patched in the past, then the newer patched asphalt will naturally age differently than the rest of the surface. For this reason, parking lots that have had too many patches can become bumpy and are good candidates for resurfacing.

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