Choosing Between Headed Concrete Studs And Rod Hanging Anchors For Welding

7 April 2017
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Welding is a powerful process that can be used in a variety of building situations. There are several anchors that can be utilized to create powerful welds. Two popular methods are headed concrete studs and rod hanging anchors. Which should you choose for your next welding project?

The Benefits Of Headed Concrete Studs

Headed concrete studs have no threads and are installed with what is known as an upset head. This head is designed to be stronger than other types of anchors and to withstand various types of wear. It is particularly useful when anchoring concrete to steel and is welded to this item using stud welding methods that create a very molten welding experience.

The major benefit of headed concrete studs is the quickness with which they produce a weld. They can cause a weld in well under a single second. They are also a single-sided weld. What does this mean? It means that they don't require an opposing side weld to hold them together. As a result, a welder can move more quickly than they can with other types of welding anchors.

The Benefits Of Rod Hanging Anchors

One of the main competitors to headed concrete studs is rod hanging anchors. These items are somewhat similar to headed concrete studs, particularly in their speed of installation. However, they are designed to produce more accurate depth when welding. They are also designed to be compatible with a wide range of different welding materials.

Unlike headed concrete studs, though, they are threaded. This threading makes them easier to install with drills and other items that require a screwing action. Headed concrete studs require a specialized system that installs the studs with raw force. Do the benefits of a rod hanging anchors outweigh those of headed concrete studs?

Choosing Between The Two

Deciding between which of these anchors you want to use depends on the project. For example, headed concrete studs are designed for building projects that use concrete and steel. When it comes to these projects, they are second-to-none in producing quick and accurate welds. While useful in other types of welding materials, they are superlative for concrete.

Rod hanging anchors, by comparison, are designed to be a more general use anchor. This makes them more useful for a variety of different welding material situations. That said, they are a double-sided weld type, which will slow down the speed at which the welder can work.

In the end, it is fair to say that both material types have advantages that make them useful for welders. Make sure to fully understand these benefits before choosing one for your next welding project. For more information, check out a site like