3 Tips For Townhome Roof Maintenance

17 April 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Making the choice to invest in a townhome can be a great way to live in a property where professional landscaping services and repairs are taken care of by a homeowner's association. Since your townhome is likely connected to at least one other unit, you will share a roof with another homeowner. This can present some unique problems when it comes to maintenance and repairs.

Here are three simple tips that you can use to ensure your townhome's roof remains in good condition well into the future.

1. Know who is responsible for repairs.

It's important that you take the time to look over the items that your HOA is responsible for when determining how to go about maintaining the roof of your townhome. Many HOAs take care of roofing maintenance and repairs, but some may deem these tasks the responsibility of the homeowner.

If you are in charge of your own roof, you should partner with your neighbors to conduct regular inspections to ensure the roof on each of your townhome's remains in good condition. If your HOA is in charge of roofing, then you need to work closely with the HOA to schedule routine inspections so that you can find and repair damage before your roof begins to leak.

2. Make sure quality materials are used for repairs.

When it comes to the integrity of your townhome's roof, the quality of the materials used for repairs is important. If your HOA is responsible for making roofing repairs, you need to ensure that the materials they invest in are of sufficient quality.

It can be beneficial to hire an independent roofing contractor to serve as your advisor when your HOA is repairing or replacing the roof on your townhome. The contractor will be qualified to inspect the roofing materials being used to determine if they will remain durable over time.

3. Don't put off making repairs.

If you are responsible for maintaining your townhome's roof, it's critical that you invest in routine maintenance if you want to prevent serious problems. By having a roofing contractor, like Liberty Exteriors LLC, look at the quality of your townhome's roofing system, you will be able to identify and repair problem areas before they can wreak havoc on your home.

Since lack of maintenance could result in damage to your neighbor's townhome, you could be held financially responsible for repairing this damage. Keeping your own roof in good condition will help you avoid these costly damages in the future.

Caring for a townhome's roof can present some unique challenges. Be sure that you know who is responsible for the roof, that quality materials are used for repairs, and that you invest in regular maintenance to ensure your townhome's roofing system doesn't cause problems in the future.