Buying A Custom Built Home Is A Good Choice When You're Approaching Your Senior Years

5 May 2017
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If you've been looking at new homes, but can't seem to find anything you like, it may be time to consider a custom built home. It might delay getting into your new home by a few months, but the payoff is you'll have a home with a floor plan that perfectly suits your needs. A custom home is a great idea at any time of life, but it is particularly well suited when you get older. Here's why choosing a custom home is a good idea when you're looking ahead to your senior years.

More Square Footage On The Ground Floor

Large, luxury homes with a lot of square footage often have two levels. Some of these floor plans even have all the bedrooms upstairs. While stairs might not pose a problem now, they may be a hindrance in your senior years. If you want multiple bedrooms, a den, and office space in a home, and it needs to be on the first level, then your best bet may be to have the home custom built so you can get the ideal floor plan for senior living. Otherwise, you may eventually need to sell your home and move if the stairs become too much of a danger for you to climb due to arthritis or other condition.

An Attached RV Garage

If your dream is to buy an RV and travel the country when you retire, you'll need a place to store your RV. It's unhandy to store it at a facility away from your home. You might be able to park it beside your house, but then it is exposed to the weather and vandals. The ideal solution is to have a home built with an attached RV garage. It is very difficult to find a home with an RV garage already built on. A common solution is to build an outbuilding to store the RV if you want to keep it on your property. However, if you have your home custom built, you attach a garage large enough to store your RV. With your RV right outside your kitchen door, you can easily load and unload it, which is handy when you're getting ready for a trip. Plus, you can feel confident your RV is safe and secure when it is locked in your garage. You can have a garage built to any dimension you want. Maybe you'd rather have a place to store a boat or multiple vehicles. Your garage is private too, so if you need a wheelchair van in the future, you can get in and out of it in the privacy of your garage when you have one built to custom dimensions.

Handicap Accessibility

While you may not want to install things like lowered countertops now, if you're approaching your senior years, you may want to build a home that can be easily adapted for life in a wheelchair or walker. That would include things like making doorways wider than usual and not having any steps in the home. You may also want a roll-in shower installed so you can save some expenses on renovating later if you ever need to use a wheelchair. You can have handicap accessibility integrated into your new home in discreet ways so it will be easy to use a wheelchair in your home if you ever need to. By building a home that is easy to adapt for wheelchairs and walkers, you might be able to stay in your home longer when you reach your golden years because you'll be able to move around the home without obstruction and continue the activities of daily life.

When you have a home custom built, you have the chance to create your dream home, so you'll want to live it in as long as you can. If retirement is around the corner, you'll also want to consider how your life will change as you age so you can continue to stay in your home well into your senior years.For more information, talk to a professional like For more information, talk to a professional like Sherman Hayden Custom Homes.