3 Reasons To Opt For Custom New Construction

30 May 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


When buying a new home, you have many decisions to make. One option you shouldn't overlook without giving it serious consideration is buying a new construction custom home. With a custom built home, you can have the home of your dreams while avoiding many common pitfalls and problems that come with older houses. Here are three great reasons to opt for a custom new construction build:

Everything in Your Home will Reflect Your Taste

Instead of having to live with someone else's choices of cabinets, counter tops, paint colors, fixtures, etc., or paying for expensive and disruptive renovations, your home will be custom designed to exactly suit your taste from the time the home is built. The details of your home, from the lighting design to the floors, will all be chosen with your taste and preferences in mind. This makes it much more likely that a custom home will make you happy from day one, compared to an older home that may require many changes before it feels quite right. 

Your Custom Home's Components and Appliances will Be Brand New

When you buy an older home, you inherit appliances, a roof, siding, and other home components of varying ages and quality. The older your home, the more frequently it may feel like you need to make expensive repairs or even replace entire aspects of your home. When you have a custom home designed and built specifically for you, you have peace of mind because you know everything in the house is brand new.

Not only will you get many more years out of the various components of your home, but if something does go wrong, everything will still be protected by warranty. 

Your Home Will Include Custom Features

Another great benefit of having a custom home built is that you have the option of incorporating personalized features, ensuring you end up with your true dream home. If you want a large walk-in pantry, a granite kitchen island, or heated bathroom floors, you can have these features included when your home is built. It is much easier and more cost-effective to incorporate these customizations into a build, compared to renovating a home that has already been built.

Opting for a custom home presents many advantages to home buyers. It's a good idea to start with a consultation with a custom home builder, like Kavin Construction, to begin discussing your options, preferences, and budget.