Love That Shine! 4 Steps To Protect Your Wood Floor This Summer

28 June 2017
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Summer is here. It's time to start thinking about your wood floor. You might not realize this, but the summer months can be particularly hard on your wood floor. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent damage. Here are four simple ways to keep your floor looking beautiful, all summer long.

Start with the Sunscreen

Your wood floor may look beautiful now, but after several summers of being exposed to direct sunlight, your wood floor will start looking faded and dull. Not only that, but it might also develop cracks and curling around the edges. To prevent this type of sun damage, don't forget to add the sunscreen. Close your drapes, or window blinds during the day, when the sun is at its brightest. It's also a good idea to have your windows tinted,which will help keep the harmful UV rays from penetrating through the glass.

Use the Floor Mats

During the winter, you know to protect your wood flooring from things like rain and snow. You set floor mats and rugs at every door to keep the excess moisture off your floors. However, did you know that you should also use your floor mats and rugs to protect your wood flooring during the summer months too? Walking into the house with wet feet from the pool, or sprinklers, can cause your wood flooring to suffer water damage. Not only that but, sand can wreak havoc on your floors, as well. If you, or a family member, carry sand into the house on the soles of your feet, your wood floors can suffer deep scratches and abrasion. You can avoid that type of summer damage by placing floor mats at each exterior door.

Keep the Dust Away

Under normal circumstances, your wood floor won't need to be mopped. In fact, you should avoid wet-mopping your wood floor. The best way to keep your floor clean is to vacuum it at least once a week. Regular vacuuming will help keep the dirt and dust off your floor. To restore the luster, simply wrap a soft cloth around your broom, and sweep as usual. The soft cloth will pick up dust that your vacuum will leave behind.

Bring in the Dehumidifier

Moisture can spell disaster for your wood floor; including the moisture caused by excessive humidity. If you live in an area that experiences significant humidity during the summer, you can protect your wood floor by installing a dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will remove the excess moisture, so your wood floor can breathe.

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