A Plumber And An HVAC Technician: Precautionary Measures For Your 2-For-1

11 October 2017
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If you schedule HVAC maintenance and request cooling services, and then realize that your water heater also needs maintenance, you may be able to hire a "two-for-one" professional. This is someone who has gone through all the education and training to become BOTH a plumber and an HVAC technician.

In reality, that is not unbelievable. A plumber needs about three to five years of education and training, and the HVAC program takes about two years to complete. In short, this person could become both in less time than it takes to become a doctor. However, you will need to take some precautions when hiring your "two-for-one" professional.

Check His/Her Licenses

When you hire a professional that advertises that he or she does all of the jobs and tasks of both a plumber and an HVAC technician, you should ask to see both licenses. Both licenses should be current so that your two-in-one professional can complete all the work you have requested him/her to do. If one of these two licenses is not current, you may have to hire another pro to handle those job tasks.

Get References

Ask your double-degree pro for consumer references. He or she should not shrink from such a request. Talking to other customers can only confirm that you have the right person for all of the work you need done.

Find out If He/She Doubles Costs on Services

It stands to reason that if a professional owns and operates his/her own business and has twice the education of someone else in the same field, he/she is entitled to charge twice as much. If that idea, no matter how reasonable and convenient, makes you squirm, you are quite within your rights to ask for quotes and comparable quotes from other professionals. If you can see that a separate plumber and separate HVAC technician would charge you an equal, or nearly equal, amount for the services you need, then the two-in-one professional does not seem like a costly choice after all. However, if the two-in-one professional doubles the standard going rate for every job, that is something you may want to reconsider.

Check for Coupons

Licensed and bonded professionals often use apps and construction social media sites to drum up business. They include discount coupons, which may be very helpful if you need your plumber/HVAC technician for more than one service simultaneously. Check for coupons, then call for an estimate.

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