Getting A New Husky? Changes You Should Make To Your Chain Link Fence

20 December 2017
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you are getting a new husky you should know they are escape artists and can easily dig out of a yard. They can also do this very quickly, so you may have a hard time catching them in the act. If you have a chain link fence now, it will likely not be enough to hold your new dog in. Fortunately, you can make some changes to the fence to make it work well. Below is more information about this so your husky will have a great time playing in your backyard.

Make Repairs

Hire a fence contractor to look over your chain link fence closely for any type of damage. One type of damage the contractor may find is sagging. If part of your fence is sagging, there is likely a fence post that is loose or the foundation is weak. Repair this problem quickly or the entire fence will start sagging.

If your chain link fence is not coated in any way, it can start to rust, which will spread over time. The fence repair contractor can sand the fence to remove the rust. They will then spray the fence with a vinyl coating to prevent the fence from rusting again. A rusted fence is much easier to break than one that is not.

The contractor may also find problems with the fence posts. For example, they may be bent due to a storm. This makes the fence posts very unstable. The mesh can also be damaged during heavy rains with flying debris. The contractor can repair both problems, if found.

Prevent Dog from Digging Under

If your fence is not dug deep enough in the ground a husky will have no problem digging under the fence. One thing you can do is to purchase some chicken wire at an agriculture store. Bury the wire deep around the entire perimeter of the fence. When your husky starts digging and encounters the chicken wire this will make them stop.

You could also put paver stones around the perimeter of the fence. This will give the fence aesthetic appeal and the dog will have a problem digging around the stones.

If it is in your budget, ask the fence contractor to install a new chain link fence for you. They can then bury the fence deep into the ground, such as two to three feet. The dog would not be able to dig this deep and climb under the fence.

Talk with the fence contractor about this information and they can give you much more information.