Greener Gutters And Pockets: 4 Gutter Improvements That Save You Money And Energy

13 March 2018
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The gutters on your home are not something that you really think about making your pockets greener, but there are plenty of improvements that could save you money. Things like gutter guards protect your home from damage, while installing rain collection systems will provide you with water resources. Here are some of the best gutter improvements to save you money and energy.

1. Installing Longer Lasting Seamless Gutters That Never Need Replacing

Gutter seams are one of the biggest causes of leaks and damage to homes. Therefore, today there are seamless gutter options. If you need to have gutters installed or you have gutters that have damaged seams, ask about having a seamless gutter system installed on your home to protect against different types of damage.

2. Improving Gutters with Guards to Reduce Ice Dams and Roof Damage

The gutters on your home can also cause damage to your roof when they collect debris or form ice dams. To protect your home from this type of damage, gutter guards are a great investment and there are various styles to choose from. The solid guards that allow debris to flow over the gutters are the best investment.

3. Saving Your Foundation from Water Damage by Installing Downspout Drainage

The gutters on your home can also lead to damage to your foundation. If you want to ensure that your foundation is safe, it is a good idea to have drains on your downspouts. Rather than have the drains just go to a splashpad, have a drainage line installed that will carry the runoff a safe distance away from your home's foundation. Having the proper gutter drainage will keep runoff from causing static water pressure during heavy rains.

4. Giving Your Home Water Resources with The Installation of Rain Collection

The gutters on your home are also a great solution for adding water resources. The addition of a rain collection system can be as simple as barrels that collect rain for watering the garden, which is an affordable improvement. If you want to have more, you may want to consider investing in a more complete system that has large tanks, pumps, and filtration systems to give you more options for what you can use rain water for.

These are some of the best gutter improvements to save you money and energy. If you are ready to improve your gutters to put money in your pockets, contact a roofing contractor for help with some of these improvements to protect your roof and foundation.  

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