Answering Issues And Concerns About Wells

2 December 2018
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For homeowners that live in rural areas, their water well can be an essential part of their home. However, inexperienced homeowners can find themselves at a loss when it comes to living in a home that uses a well as a source of water.

Should You Add A Small Shed Around The Well?

Protecting the well against the elements can help to reduce the wear that the pump sustains. Adding a shed to protect the well and the pump enclosure can be a worthwhile investment. Most modern well pumps are fairly compact, which can allow you to keep this protective building fairly small in size. An added benefit to protecting the well and pump will be that this building will also make it easier for you to work on the pump during storms or other poor weather conditions.

Will The Water From The Well Have A Strange Taste?

The taste of the water from your well will largely be determined by the quality of the water source that supplies it. Some properties can have water sources with higher sediment or mineral contents, and this can have major influences on the taste of the water. If you find that your well's water quality is too low, you can help to improve it by installing a filtration system that can remove these substances from the water before it is pumped into your home. For those that choose to have these filtration systems installed, it is important to regularly change the filters, replenish the salts, or perform any other maintenance. Otherwise, the system will be unable to fully improve the quality of your home's water.

How Will You Know If The Well Is Collapsing?

A collapsed well can be a major problem to experience as it can lead to an immediate and prolonged disruption to your home's water supply. In many instances, a well collapse can be avoided if the well shaft is properly reinforced, but this will require the problem to be identified fairly quickly. Some of the warning signs that will alert you to the risk of your well collapse will be the soil around the well sinking or shifting positions, a sudden dramatic increase in the amount of sediment in the water and cracks forming in the well-cap. Once you have identified these issues threatening your well, emergency repairs should be scheduled, and all members of your household should avoid the area around the well as it may be unstable.

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