Simple Usage Tips To Help Homeowners Enjoy A Trouble-Free Septic System

25 February 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Flushing the toilet is something that happens a dozen or more times a day in the average American home. For the most part, this process occurs effortlessly, thanks to the efficient work of the home's septic system buried beneath the soil of the backyard.

Busy home and work schedules can cause most homeowners to give little thought to the important work their septic system performs until a problem arises. Avoiding most septic system troubles is simple and requires adhering to just a few simple usage tips, like the ones included here.

Teach proper system usage to family members

While some septic systems fail or perform poorly due to age or design issues, most problems occur because of incorrect usage, such as allowing harmful substances or materials to be flushed into the system. This most often happens when family members do not have a good understanding of how septic systems work.

Homeowners who find ways to drastically reduce the amounts of harmful materials and substances that get flushed into the system are helping to keep septic system problems from developing in the first place. Start by teaching family members which substances and materials cannot be safely processed by the home's septic system, including: 

  • cosmetic applicators and removers, such as pads, sponges, and wipes
  • baby care products, including wipes and diapers 
  • commonly available personal care and hygiene aids, such as cotton swabs and balls and feminine hygiene products 
  • commonly used household products and waste materials, including clean wipes, paper towels, cat litter, ashes, potting soil, and oily or greasy solids or liquids

Another part of teaching family members about the proper way to use their home's septic system, especially children, is the correct usage of toilet tissue and why it is important to refrain from using too much. 

Protect the location of the septic system

Another part of continuing to enjoy a healthy, functional septic system is to make sure the area where it is located is protected. This includes making sure that heavy vehicles and objects are not located on top of the area where septic tanks, pipes, or components are located, as well as removing trees or bushes that have root systems that could threaten it. 

Relieve stress on the septic system with a regular pumping schedule

Even septic systems that are always used correctly can be subject to stress. This often happens during periods of heavier than normal usage or because the sludge layer in the tank has become too thick. The best way to relieve this type of stress and boost efficiency of your home septic system is to have the tank pumped regularly to reduce the amount of liquid and solid waste inside. 

To learn more about caring for your septic system and the benefits of regular pumping, contact a reputable septic tank cleaning service in your area.