Siding Tips Before And After The Storm

10 April 2019
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If you live in an area with frequent storms or major acts of nature like a hurricane, you are obviously going to want to do what you can to protect your house, and that includes the home's exterior and siding. If you want your siding to remain in good shape long after the storm calms down, here are some tips for what to do.

Make Sure You Are Covered

If you are concerned about a coming storm's effects on your house, the first thing you should is check your homeowner's policy. Is the specific kind of storm that is coming covered by your current plan? Look specifically for the terms that need to be followed when there is damage to the house's exterior. Making sure your siding repairs will be fully covered by your insurance provider if needed should give you some peace of mind as the storm arrives.

Move Potential Flying Objects Away From the House

If you have any loose objects outside the home that might be picked up and flung by an especially strong wind, do what you can to fix this situation. Put your lawn furniture into storage, move your gardening tools into garage, and just generally make sure that there is nothing outside on your property that might end up getting tossed towards your house by Mother Nature.

Do an Inspection Before and After the Storm

Before the storm arrives, walk around the outside of your house and make sure that all siding is secure. If you find anything that seems loose or damaged in anyway, see if you can get a siding contract out for an emergency appointment. Then, after the storm comes and goes, it's time for another inspection. Walk around the house again looking for any signs of damage. Don't forget to check your gutters and roof while you are at it. If you discover any siding issues, contact a contractor immediately before the problem gets worse.

Consider a Switch

If your existing siding was indeed damaged during the storm, it might be time to switch to a more weather-resistant replacement. Vinyl siding in particular is well-known for its long-term durability and ability to stand up to the elements. Talk to local contractor today about siding choices and consider making a switch if desired.

Keep your house's siding in good shape before and after the storm by reading up on your insurance policy, moving loose objects away from the house, and by reaching out to a professional siding expert as needed. For more information, contact companies like Select Exteriors.