Design Planning To Ensure You Get Everything You Want And Need When Building A Custom Home

13 August 2019
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


Building a new custom home can be a great investment for your family, but you want to make sure you get everything you want and need. Good planning will help ensure your home building project is completed on time with fewer problems or extra costs. The following design planning tips and tricks will ensure your home has the custom design you want and everything you need:

Choosing the Right Property or Plot of Land to Build Your Custom Home Design

First, you need to start by finding the right plot of land to build on. If you already have land, talk to the custom builder about surveying and designing the new home especially for the land where it is going to be built. If you are building in development, consider the type of lot you want, the home foundation and the size of the custom home footprint. If it is a development with smaller lots, you may need to get two or more lots to achieve the custom home design you are looking for.

Consider Options Like Renewable Energy and Mechanical Designs Before Breaking Ground

Renewable energy and efficient mechanical designs are things that you probably want with the design of your home. Therefore, it is important to start considering these features during the planning stage, as well as the location of systems like geothermal loops, solar panels, and water collection, and filtration systems.

The Flow of The Interior Floorplan and Accessibility from The First Floor of Your Home

One of the most important features of your interior floorplan is the flow of the design. You want to ensure that there is a good flow from one living space to another. In addition, you will want to consider features like a master suite that is on the ground-level floor, which will be more accessible than if it is located on upper floors or down a flight of stairs in the basement.

Consider the Bathroom Needs of Your Household and Where You Want to Invest to Accommodate the Needs of Your Family

How many people will live in the household and how many bedrooms are you planning. You will want to make sure to have a master suite bathroom, as well as a full bath or more to accommodate the needs of your family. You may also want to consider adding at least one-half bathroom to accommodate any guests that come over to visit.

Leaving Things Like Detached Garages, Bonus Rooms, and Basement Finishing for Later

There may be some extra features that you are planning on, such as a finished bonus room, home office space, basement entertainment space, or a detached garage. These are all features that you can put off until the construction is complete to plan them separately and reduce the cost and time of doing everything at once.

These are some of the things that you need to consider during the planning and design stage of building your new custom home. If you are ready to start planning the design of your new custom home, contact a custom home builder to start by finding the perfect plot of land for your new home.