Need A New Flat Roof? Pick Between These Materials

27 September 2019
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Does your building have a flat roof? If so, you're likely well aware that these roofs tend to see more wear compared to other types of slanted roofs. While a flat roof is easy to construct, the maintenance is much more difficult due to the damage caused by standing water and constant exposure to the sun. The roof absorbs much more heat during the day due to the larger surface being exposed to the sun's UV rays. If the time has come to replace your flat roof, you can pick between the following materials to help deal with the additional wear and tear it will see over the years.

Asphalt Material

A great choice for any flat roof is asphalt. Its textured surface will be installed with protective underlayment material underneath for waterproofing purposes. The asphalt material is also glued down to prevent it from going anywhere. The asphalt material is also great at protecting a roof from impact damage, with the added benefit of looking stylish for when you are working on the flat roof surface.

Spray Foam Material

Spray foam can be the ideal material for a flat roof. While the material doesn't look pretty, flat roofs can't be seen from the ground, making the appearance of the roof a nonfactor when considering the foam roofing material. The installation process goes incredibly quick, with a trained roofing contractor applying the foam with a spray gun. While it may seem simple enough to do on your own, working with spray foam is a difficult skill to learn in order to avoid overspray and to apply an even layer of foam on the surface. Foam works great at minimizing how much heat is absorbed by the roof, especially since foam is typically a light color.

Metal Material

You can't go wrong with using metal on a flat roof. The installation process will be much easier than using asphalt since the large sections of metal are secured to the surface quickly. The lightweight material also makes it easy for a roofing contractor to handle, which also speeds up the installation process. Metal sheets are modified to carefully fit around the objects protruding on the roof, with channels created in the metal sheets to divert rainwater to downspouts. Metal doesn't absorb any moisture, keeping the material free from moisture damage.

A roofing contractor can help you with selecting the right material for a flat roof.

For more information, contact a commercial roof service in your area.