Moving To A Home With Old Hardwood Floors? Refinish The Flooring To Get It Looking New Again

9 December 2019
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If you are moving to a home that has old hardwood flooring and the flooring is not in good shape, there are many things you can do to restore the flooring back to its original beauty. One of these things is refinishing the hardwood flooring. Below is information about how this process works so you will understand how it is done. This is something you should hire a professional to do, however, to ensure everything is done correctly.

Make Repairs

Once the room is empty, the contractor will inspect the flooring closely. If there is any type of damage, the contractor will repair the flooring before they start the refinishing process. This is because if they do the repairs after they refinish the flooring, they would have to refinish the area they repaired again.

Some things the contractor may find are nail heads that are exposed or holes that are left from phone lines or old items, such as furniture or a television. If there are deep scratches in the wood flooring, the contractor will repair these by using a wood stain.

Clean the Hardwood Floor

Once repairs are made, the contractor will next clean the flooring. This is a very important step, because if there is any type of dirt or dust on the flooring, the new finish would not adhere to the floor properly.

You should never try to clean the floor on your own but let the contractor do this work. This is because the contractor will know what type of cleaner needs to be used. There are cleaners that are specially designed for this type of flooring, which is a commercial product that you may not have access to. Before continuing, the contractor will wait for the flooring to completely dry.

Scuff and Refinish

The contractor will use a special type of floor polisher to scuff the floor. This will remove any leftover finish that may be on the floor. If there is finish left behind, the new finish would not adhere well. When the floor is scuffed, the contractor will vacuum away any dust that is left behind by the floor polisher. The contractor will then apply the finish to the floor. How long it takes for the finish to dry will depend on the type of finish the contractor uses.

The contractor can teach you how to properly care for your new flooring so you can keep it in great shape for a long period of time. Contact a local hardwood refinishing service to learn more.