Why Should I Build A Custom Home?

24 April 2020
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog


If you decide your home needs an upgrade, there are plenty of options out there: custom homes, spec homes, pre-built and move-in ready, remodels, etc. Of course, it all depends on your budget, but if you have some wiggle room and your top priority is living in a home that meets all your needs, here are a few of the top reasons why you should choose a custom home as your top option.


Older homes are full of charm and unique features, but they are also often unsafe. If a home was built before building codes were up to snuff, you could be moving into a ticking time bomb. Don't be blinded by the built-ins and charm because it could mean all sorts of problems down the road with things like electricity, plumbing, foundations, you name it. Just ask someone who owns an old house but be prepared for an ear full.  However, if you build a custom home with a reliable builder, you know you're getting the very latest in safety options to meet and often exceed modern building codes.

Energy Efficient

Another huge benefit of building custom is you can make your house as energy-efficient as possible. Because you'll be the one choosing every appliance and feature as well as materials like roofing and windows, you can create a house that wastes as few fossil fuels as possible, if energy efficiency is your top priority. It's always cheaper to make a new build efficient rather than trying to retrofit an old house.

Utilize Your Space

Anyone who has moved into a pre-built home immediately starts making a mental list of all the things they would tweak to make the home work better for their family. When you build custom, that list disappears. For example, open-plan layouts are extremely popular, but some people prefer privacy. It can be hard to find in a pre-built home today that offers it. If you build custom, you can create as many private spaces as you need or as many open spaces as you like. It's yours to play with.

Choose Your Builder

Another massive benefit of a custom home is that you get to choose who builds it. When you buy pre-built, all you can do is trust that the building inspector will find any lurking problems. Sometimes, no matter how skilled or qualified, they can't spot every flaw. But building custom allows you to do the research to find a builder you trust to never cut corners or present sloppy workmanship.