A Plumber And An HVAC Technician: Precautionary Measures For Your 2-For-1

11 October 2017
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If you schedule HVAC maintenance and request cooling services, and then realize that your water heater also needs maintenance, you may be able to hire a "two-for-one" professional. This is someone who has gone through all the education and training to become BOTH a plumber and an HVAC technician. In reality, that is not unbelievable. A plumber needs about three to five years of education and training, and the HVAC program takes about two years to complete. Read More 

Love That Shine! 4 Steps To Protect Your Wood Floor This Summer

28 June 2017
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Summer is here. It's time to start thinking about your wood floor. You might not realize this, but the summer months can be particularly hard on your wood floor. Luckily, there are some things you can do to prevent damage. Here are four simple ways to keep your floor looking beautiful, all summer long. Start with the Sunscreen Your wood floor may look beautiful now, but after several summers of being exposed to direct sunlight, your wood floor will start looking faded and dull. Read More 

5 Ways Pull-Out Cabinets Can Declutter Your Kitchen

4 April 2016
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There are many kitchen design trends that are prevalent in 2016, from putting in more technology and changing the kitchen into a multi-use room to installing shaker style cabinets and concentrating on a clean, uncluttered look. One of the ways that current design is reducing clutter in the kitchen is by relying on more pull-out and roll-out cabinets as well as more turntables inside cabinets. These cabinet features maximize your kitchen storage and allow you to keep items off of your counters but within easy reach. Read More 

Blackwater Odors: Improve The Indoor Air Quality In Your Home After A Sewer Pipe Leak

23 February 2016
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If the foul smell of raw sewage permeates your home after a sewer pipe bursts and floods blackwater everywhere, take steps to improve your indoor air quality now. Although most sewer pipes burst outdoors, they can create many problems if raw sewage floods into the home. Blackwater, or sewage, contains a variety of contaminants that include bacteria, parasites, and fecal matter that places your family and pets at risk for disease and infection. Read More 

3 Health-Related Reasons You Need Air Conditioning in Your Home

24 July 2015
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For most people, having an air conditioner in your home during the summer months is a luxury that can make your life more comfortable. But it you are someone who has health problems, air conditioning in your home can be medically necessary. Here are three health-related conditions that make it necessary for you to have proper home air conditioning. Cardiovascular Disease If you have heart disease or high blood pressure, certain medications you may be taking can cause problems when you live in a hot home without air conditioning. Read More